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Children Islamic Contest to Celebrate Mawlid

Children Islamic Contest to Celebrate Mawlid

Writing : "Children Festival Love Prophet, Muhammad Saw is my paragon"

Despite there are controversial between halal or haram to celebrate the celebration of the Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) birthday, i think we can learn new thing to make it became beneficial, for example we can create an event to introduce our Prophet Muhammad Saw to children to love him and introduce some islamic things to children as our young muslim generation.
 On last Sunday i delivered some children (whom i was taught) in Masjid (it’s called TPA in indonesian, usually many children in Indonesia will learn AlQuran and islamic lesson in the afternoon after sholat asr). There were some contests for children as cerebration for Maulid which was held by one of Masjid (Nurul Asri), Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Some contests for many TPA around that area participated. There were Hifdzil Qur’an, painting earthenware vessel, drawing, quiz contest about Prophets and Nasyid. (^_^)            
So i think this is one of way (celebrate Maulid) to introduce our children about Islam, to love our religion, to spread knowledge about Islam, and of course to know more about our Prophet Muhammad Saw as a good example and follow Him.
PS : all comment and correctness will be appriciated including my tenses ^^ Thankyou

What creative they are! nasyid with music from stuffs

Nice Event ^_^ Happy 

painting an earthenware vessel
Drawing ^_^ She always agree if i asked her
to take a picture :D

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