Jumat, 14 Oktober 2011

One of Festival in Jogja : Kite Festival at Parangkusumo Beach ^_^

Yogyakarta/Jogja is known as tourism, cultural city and also education city of Indonesia
Will be nice if you can visit this city ^_^

many scenes you can see on the way to Parangkusumo Beach
What river? I forget :p

    This is one of festival which was held by  Yogyakarta Province, this Kite festival was at Parangkusumo Beach. For tourist you can visit these website  

2 Dimension of Kite

           Parangkusumo Beach is near Parangtritis which more popular for tourist, but for people who lives in Jogja must be know that this beach is between Parangtritis and Depok Beach. Usually in a year this kite festifal will be held 2 times, at Glagah Beach (Kulon Progo Regency) in July and at Parangkusumo Beach (Bantul Regency) in October, each will be held in 2 days. 

Because I never seen this festival and finally few days ago i searched on uncle google about how to reach Parangkusumo Beach (hehhe because actually i didn’t know where Parangkusumo Beach is) :P i also didn’t know what time this kite festival would be held There is no information about what time this festival would been held so i decided to come at 9am and started ride my motor at 8am then reached there at 9pm. 


       Some kites were being flied and i was waiting for big  kite but couldn’t find...i just known that big kites will be flied tomorrow on Sunday. But it’s ok i’m happy had been there J there are some categories for kite, 2 dimension kite, 3 dimension kite, traditional kite and national kite. The participant are from many cities in indonesia but mostly from java island. Ohhh it’s hot hot hot and windy, but i was curious already been there (alone traveller :D) 

                Had fun!!! I LOVE JOGJA. Don’t forget to attend Kite Festival next year ^_^

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